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You Deserve That Because You Are Serving, You Are Healing, You Are Helping The World !! 

What Does... "A Successful Yoga Business" Mean To You...?


What does 'A Successful Yoga Business' means to you...?

For everyone, it's different... 

For some of you, you're already running a yoga business, and you're trying to upgrade it...

For others, you're a new yoga teacher and trying to start a new yoga business...  

And for others of you, you're looking for that one idea that will help you to have more impact on the world with the power of yoga... 


If Answer of Any Question Below is YES...

"Then You Are At The Right Place" 

  • Do you want to grow your yoga business online, but you have NO IDEA Where to Start?
  • Do you already running a successful yoga business, but for some reason you're feeling stuck?
  • Are you sick and tired of constantly burning the midnight oil only to make little to no money online?
  • Are you trying to figure out a way to reach more people, or have a BIGGER impact on the world?
  • Are you convinced that you need an online yoga business, but you are not sure what steps to take? 
  • Do you want to set up and grow your online yoga business, and want to make sure it's a huge success?

Did You Try Everything in Past. But Nothing Worked Till Now?

  • Did you tried every other social media platform, but not getting enough clients?
  • Are you running a yoga website and that is not giving you good results?
  • Investing a lot of money on website maintenance, hosting, domains, promotions, etc.. and it is still not profitable
  • Due to lack of time, you are not able to manage your business and family at the same time. 
  • Maybe you want to sell yoga (digital/physical) products online, but don't know HOW?     
  • Due to less technical knowledge, you are unable to manage the websites and investing a lot in technical stuff? 
  • You are working hard, day and night, but not getting the expected results?
Teaching Yoga For Less Than You Deserve is Not Just Balanced!
About Yoga Entrepreneur Club
We are the digital marketing experts of the yoga  business, We never sell any products or services but recommend the latest yoga business strategies and ideas which help yoga teachers to build and grow their online yoga businesses FAST. 
"Our Mission is to help all yoga teachers like you, to start their own yoga business by providing them all the latest tips and techniques
So that you can mindfully build your own yoga business, using an authentic, heart-centered approach that mixes spirituality with business!   
We want you to spread your wisdom to the world so that people can further adapt to a stress-free and relaxed lifestyle.
We also help you to sell Proven digital/physical products so that you can make monthly ACTIVE/PASSIVE INCOME, doing what you love to do and spending quality time with your family & working from home on your own terms without compromising on WHAT YOU DESERVE."

But How We Can Help You To 
EASILY Achieve Your Goals FAST?


We Are Not Here To SELL You Any Product Or Services.
But to GUIDE & RECOMMEND you all the tips and techniques 
which can help you to grow and change your businesses FOREVER!!...


YES, The Same Technique By Which A "Newbie" Female Fitness Expert With ZERO TECH EXPERIENCE And NO PRODUCT Launched Her First Sales Funnel And Changes The Lives Of 1.3 MILLION WOMEN IN UNITED STATES (in less than 3 Years) &
Many New Yoga Trainers (With NO PRIOR EXPERIENCES) 
Are Learning And Implementing 
The Same Strategies To Build & Grow Their 6 Figure Yoga Businesses.

But What EXACTLY This Strategy Is?


Before that, What if we tell you that you can leverage the potential of a $60 Billion Industry without much hassle and hard work?

Sounds Great Right? But What Exactly is this $60 Billion Industry ?

Health and Fitness Industry!!!

Don’t scratch your eyes…. We are not kidding!


Before we proceed further, let’s have a look at some statistics that will show you that this industry is truly the "Online Channel for Earning Big Bucks"




People are going Crazy about elevating their Lifestyles with Yoga and the whole internet has just gone bonkers talking and raving about it!

But WHY? WHY is this Industry "Enlarging" so swiftly?


The rise of this market is majorly attributed to the-
  1. Growing rate of stress and anxiety.
  2. Increasing prevalence of fast-pacing lifestyle.
  3. Increasing number of both physical and mental disorders.

You Can Also Become A Part of This Fast-Growing Industry... 
But How?


Here, We Want To Invite You To Join The 'One Funnel Away Challenge
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Learn Step By Step Method To Grow Your Yoga Business Fast!
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Your Coach?



Most of us are already aware of him. 
But those who don't know, In the short, let us tell you... 


"Over the past 19 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, and become a New York Times bestselling author through selling hundreds of thousands of copies of his books.
He popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called Click Funnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace"



"The Life You Want, The Marriage You Want... 
The Family That You Want, Is Going To Be Fueled 
By The Business You Build"


– Russell Brunson

What You Will Learn In This Challenge

How It Can Change Your Life FOREVER?

RUSSELL and his expert consulting team will teach you a 
simple step by step process to build your own 
Yoga Sales Funnel
(No prior knowledge required)
Except yoga teaching knowledge! 

Final Outcome Of This Challenge?

After the 30 days of step-by-step EASY learning, you will be able to create your own yoga sales funnel in easy steps 
 Start Creating Momentum In Your Business!  

Your Journey From A Yoga Teacher To A Yoga Entrepreneur 
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We Want You To Spread Your Wisdom To The World 
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